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Jaw breaker JB-160x240

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Jaw Breaker JB 160x240

Jaw breakers JB 160x240 and 360x400 are produced to break all sorts of materials with point of break up to 2500 kgf/cm2 (250 MPa). The main parameters of the jaw breaker JB 160x240 and JB 360x400 are given in the table below.

While the working process movable crushing jaw makes vibrational motions versus fixed jaw. Vibrational motions of the movable crushing jaw are made by eccentric shaft. The material to be crushed enters the operating space of the tumbling jaws and fragments of the material are crushed. In case of the processing jaw extraction the stamped material is poured out into the receiving container.

Specification sheet of Jaw breakers JB 160x240 and JB 360x400
Parameters JB 160х240 JB 360х400
Maimum size of charging material, mm 100 300
Nominal width of the relieve slot, mm 20 80
Overall size, mm
    length 1830 3100
    width 1080 1650
    height 1165 1460
Motor capacity, kW 15 75
Mouth piece size (lenght/width), mm 160x240 360x400
Productivity, t/h 0,8-1,5 2,5-5,0
Weight, kg 1850 11500
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