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Steel degassing circulation devices equipment

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NTPF Etalon Co., Ltd has extensive experience in designing, developing, manufacturing, reconstruction and operating of steel degassing devices. After the equipment usage NTPF Etalon Co., Ltd has the received the following results:

  • Organized the process of ultralow-carbon steel production on Magnitogorsk Steel Works
  • Improved durability of circulation vacuum degasser branch pipe up to 180 heats
  • Achieved high rate of circulation
  • Increased capacity of steel vacuum device

We found high-efficient technical solutions for the following structural components:

  • connection pipes of vacuum chamber
  • gas flue of vacuum chamber
  • gas cooler
  • vacuum pump
  • argon-nitrogen circulation tuyeres
  • Ventury cleaners

NTPF Etalon Co., Ltd manufactures Ventury cleaners to provide effective gas cleaning at the multiple change of gas stream parameters.

Original regulation system of Ventury pipe critical section allows to reach maximum efficiency of gas-cleaning systems even at low pressure differentials.

Patented constructions of self-cleaning injectors installed on Ventury pipe provide dependable service water conditioning and recirculation systems.

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