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Alloying materials, ferroalloys

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NTPF Etalon Co., Ltd. develops and markets composite alloying materials (such as ferrosilicon nitride, ferrochromium nitride, ferrovanadium nitride, chromium nitride) produced by SHS technology (self-propagating high-temperature synthesis). These SHS-produced materials possess unique characteristics to realize steel microalloying, new generates refractories production, abrasion- and heat-resistant coatings production etc.

SHS or burning synthesis is usually used to produce heat-resisting inorganic compounds by burning off of 2-3 powdered mixtures of metals and/or non-metals in the inert or active atmosphere. We offer a new way of SHS-implementation to put into practice all positive characteristics of SHS-technology in alloying materials production (i.e. absence of power costs, extreme pressure and temperature modes, possibility to make new quality products) and to make the process cost-effective. We advise to use as furnace-charge different powdered metal alloys. The burning process in these systems proceeds not in the form of direct fusion reaction of several elements but through exchange exothermal reaction in anoxic metal systems.

As a result of this new scheme usage of SHS-reaction appears a new class of alloying materials with composite structure and unique service characteristics. New characteristics of synthesizing compositions appear as the result of qualitative changes in thermodynamics and kinetics of SHS-process, also in the mechanism of phase- and structure formation.

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