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Power generators “Etalon”

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Power generators “Etalon” is a device with indirect cylindrical heater. It was developed for air heating of buildings and industrial assets, for making air doors also for drying materials and wares. Air heaters “Etalon” can be used in total or partial air recirculation systems.

Construction of the air heater “Etalon” allows to transport it easily and use it as a temporary heating or drying device.

Air heaters “Etalon-50” and “Etalon-100” are manufactured according to specification-313433-014-21600649-2003 and meet State Standard of Russian Federation 50670-94 “Air heaters” requirements. Air heaters are compatible with automatic gas or diesel block fan torches. Torches are not supplied with air heaters.

Air heaters can boost warm air in the air duct system and deflate it through the fan baffle assembly.


Running costs spent on power generators “Etalon” are 10 times lower than expenses needed for electric heating and 3 times lower than heating systems expenditures. There are also savings for maintenance service because there is no need to operate boilers, radiators, heating systems, water conditioning systems etc.

High boiler efficiency and patented stainless steel construction provide high efficiency of the equipment. Air heater is to be used with boiler burner units with forced air supply by “Wester Line”, ”Gersh, “Riello”. Burner capacity shall correspond to the air heater capacity(50 and 100 kW).

Air heaters figures

Parameters Модель
"Etalon-50" "Etalon-100"
1. Nominal thermal capacity, kW 50 100
2. Coefficient of efficiency not less than, % 90 90
3. Output air temperature range °C 25-70 25-70
4. Burner blower capacity, m3/h 3600-5000 5000-10000
5. Burner blower head, Pa 730-880 550-340
6. Air heater weight, kg 295 312
7. Overall size, mm    
width 1360 1360
height 2050 1950
length 1027 1027
8. Noise level not more than, dB 75 75
9. Burner blower electric power, W 1500 1500
10. Voltage, V 380 380
11. Current frequency, hz 50 50
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