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Mineral water

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Fifteen years ago geologists discovered a unique underground mineral source which possessed both nice healing and taste qualities. The water has been tested in accredited laboratories of Medical Centre (Yekaterinburg), Experimentation centre of natural and health resources (Moscow). According to the results of physicochemical, radiological and microbiological analysis, Russian scientific centre of rehabilitation and balneology of the Ministry of Public Health, issued a balneological certificate.

“Etalonnaya” is a low salinity(1.1-2.0g/cm3) multicomponent water. In July 2005 it was included into the Russian public register. It also received product’s testimony of the Federal Service of Consumers Protection and Welfare. “Etalonnaya” water has got a Quality and Conformity Certificate.

Medical grounds:

  • Chronic gastritis with normal, hyper- and hypo secretion of ventrical
  • Non-complicated peptic ulcer
  • Chronic colitis enterocolitis
  • Chronic pancreatitis
  • Chronic liver and bile-excreting diseases
  • Metabolic diseases: diabetes, lit, corpulence, hic diathesis, phosphaturia
  • Chronic diseases of urinary tracts
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