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Ferrosilicon nitride NITRO-FESIL® N30

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Ferrosilicon Nitride NITRO-FESILUses

Ferrosilicon nitride NITRO-FESIL® N30 is new material, which designed as component for refractory production, mainly as a strengthener in tap hole muds and runner clays. NITRO-FESIL® N30 is produced by SHS-technology (combustion synthesis) and has unique combination of service properties.


Ferrosilicon nitride NITRO-FESIL® N30 is composition material based on beta-silicon nitride (β-Si3N4). It is synthesized in special reactors under pressure 10 MPa and temperature about 2000 °C. Because of a high combustion temperature, α-silicon nitride is not formed.

Ferrosilicon Nitride NITRO-FESIL big-bagsNITRO-FESIL® N30 is obtained by nitriding of mixture of high grade ferrosilicon alloys and metallic silicon. Ferrosilicon nitride NITRO-FESIL® N30 differs from the traditional «furnace» ferrosilicon nitride in special composition structure based on β-Si3N4.

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Chemical composition of NITRO-FESIL® N30
Mass fraction, % Phase
Si3N4 Si N Fe O β-Si3N4: 90 min
α-Si3N4: 10 max
75 min 51 min 30 min 15 max 1,5 max
Typical composition
78 53 31 12 1,0
Size composition: -0,08 mm – 80 %mass.; others – by customer request

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