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Ferrosilicon nitride NITRO-FESIL® N25

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Ferrosilicon NitrideUses

Ferrosilicon nitride NITRO-FESIL® N25 is new material, which designed for alloying by nitrogen a wide range of steels, such as transformer, stainless, structural, etc. Ferrosilicon nitride NITRO-FESIL® N25 is produced by SHS-technology (combustion synthesis) and has unique combination of service properties.


NITRO-FESIL® N25 is composition material based on beta-silicon nitride (β-Si3N4). It is synthesized in special reactors under pressure 10 MPa and temperature about 2000 °C. Because of a high combustion temperature, α-nitride of silicon is not formed.

NITRO-FESIL ® N25 is produced by nitriding of ferrosilicon 65 % and 75 % alloys. It is characterized by minimum content of oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur and other impurities. Due to the high temperature of the process, the material produced is of high strength.

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Chemical composition of Ferrosilicon nitride NITRO-FESIL ® N25
Mass fraction, %
N Si Al S P C O H
min max
25 50 2,0 0,02 0,04 0,2 1,5 0,02
    Size composition:
  • 0-2,5 mm (free-flowing powder for cored wire)
  • 20-80 mm; 80-200 mm; others - by customer request

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