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Silicocalcium nitride

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Silicocalcium nitride is a composition on basis of silicon and calcium nitrides.

Silicocalcium nitride is proposed for melting of rail, constructional and others nitrogen-containing kinds of steels treated by silicocalcium. Silicocalcium nitride is produced in a special facility under high pressure (up to 20 MPa) enrichment of silicocalcium powder with nitrogen.

During nitration burning process sintered composition is produced, which after being powdered is used as filling agent for flux code wire. This wire is applied for adjustment of steel mixture while out-of-furnace processing.

Chemical composition of silicocalcium nitride
Grade Mass fraction of elements, %
N Ca max
C Al S Si
Silicocalcium nitride 20-30 10-25 0,5 2,0 0,01 40-50

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