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Alloying Material "Ferroniobium boride"

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Alloying material Ferroniobium borige is developed for joint doping of steel with boron and niobium. In recent years along with traditional boron usage in fast-quenched steels, it also expands in IF-steel production. The main feature on new IF-steels is that there is minimized content absence of titanium in the compound. To neutralize dissolved residual nitrogen in steel boron is used. Carbon is removed from the solution with the help of niobium by carbide-forming. Compared with titanium boron has two important advantages. Firstly, disperse boron nitride precipitation does not impair automobile body sheet quality versus titanium nitrides, secondly , boron quantity needed to remove nitrogen from the solution is 4-5 times less than quantity of titanium.

Ferroniobium boride is produced in a special facility by burning off of niobium/ferroniobium powders and boron-containing materials at the presence of the inert atmosphere and high temperature. This product has composite structure which maintains both rapid dissolving in steel melt and good assimilation.

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