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Alloying Material "Ferrotitanium boride"

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Ferrotitanium borideAlloying Material Ferrotitanium boride is a composite material based on titanium boride. Boron as micro-alloying element is used for melting of pipe, engineering and other grades of steel. The minimum boron presence with boron content 0,001-0,003 % together with different ways of thermal treatment significantly improves service properties of steel. The difficulties with boron micro alloying process are connected with its outstanding chemical activity. Even minimum residual concentration of oxygen and nitrogen in metal can oxidate and nitride boron, so the efficiency of boron is counteracted. To prevent boron from oxidation and nitration metallic alloy is processed by elements with strong sensitivity to oxygen and nitrogen. But this phase-in micro-alloying doesn’t always bring positive effect, besides strict limitations are usually placed to the schedule. NTPF Etalon Co., Ltd. has specially developed complex addition alloy ferrotitanium boride to smelt boron-micro-alloyed steel. Together with boron this addition alloy is also abounded in Al, Ti etc., that prevent boron oxidation and nitration. Composite structure of addition alloy prevents boron from oxidation and nitration, and maintains both rapid dissolving in steel melt and good assimilation.

Alloying Material Ferrotitanium boride offered by NTPF Etalon ltd
Grades of Ferrotitanium boride Mass fraction of elements, %
B Ti max Fe
Si Al Ca C S P
BFT-1 1-4 40-60 30 30 - 1,5 0,01 0,02 rest
BFT-2 4-8 50-70 30 - 15 2,0 0,01 0,02 rest
As customers require the addition alloys are produced with carbon mass fraction not above 0,2 %. Chemical compound of additional alloys can be varied.

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