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Silicomanganese nitride / ferromanganese nitride / manganese nitride

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Manganese nitrideManganese nitride are widely used while production of different steel grades. Rust-resisting austenitic kinds of steel are nitrided to replace nickel, and its content makes 0,5-0,6 %. Manganese nitride and its alloys can be likely used for smelting of extra high tensile low-alloy steel (HSLA). Manganese and nitrogen added to low-alloyed manganese steel upgrades cold-resistance of plate, so this kind of steel becomes adaptable for arctic and Siberia conditions. Furnace methods of nitration come to metal powder heating in the nitrogen atmosphere with temperature 850-900 °C, so the nitrogen content in this product makes not more than 6 %. SHS-nitration allows to produce silicomanganese nitride alloys with nitrogen content up to 25 %.

Chemical composition of silicomanganese nitride

Grade Mass fraction of elements, %
N Si C Al S P Mn
Silicomanganese nitride 15-25 15-45 1,0 0,5 0,02 0,05 rest

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